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Study Covering Mobile Phone Tower Radiation Problems And Solutions

Now you might have this serious question in mind. Do you think that mobile phone tower radiation is dangerous for you? Some studies have revealed that it is. So, it is important for you to learn more about the effective preventive measures, to help you protect from the tower radiations of mobile phones. Studies are not crystal clear, but some signs are proven to be positive. A people are exposed to hundred millions times of more electromagnetic radiation from the towers, therefore; these are proven to be quite harmful for the well-being of people these days. There are so many other options available just for your sake.

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Some facts to consider:

Some of the most powerful cellphone towers are located just outside the populated places and that impact humans and animals alike. These towers are designed to transmit some high frequency of radio waves, which have the power to travel anywhere possible from 2 to 45 miles to avoid obstructions. In a recent study, as conducted in 2017, the shocking result clearly states that the number of mobile phone users has crossed the 4 billion mark! That clearly states the number of towers used and the harm their radiations are likely to cost people and animals.

Taking a note on health effects:

Now, you might want to know about the health concerns relating to such tower radiations. People don’t take it that seriously, but the results are quite shocking for you to grasp. Some of those health problems are cancer, headaches, birth defects, lower sperm count, memory loss, heart conditions and even Alzheimer. As a protection medium from such radiation dangers, it is advisable to keep the phone in a minimum of 15 cm from ear and always maintaining a distance from these cell phone towers. You can even turn to landlines, as much as possible.

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