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Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

You may believe that your commercial lighting system is performing well, that bills and energy consumption can’t be lowered to a more satisfactory degree and that you have no alternative but to continue in a draining cycle.

That’s not so. If you take the initiative and contact a leading energy efficient LED lighting specialist like Basingstoke based LED by Vision then you’ll quickly learn that LED lighting offers high performance that maximises productivity levels, with lower energy usage and substantial savings.

The best interior, exterior, emergency, car park and street LED lighting products are Carbon Trust accredited because they cut carbon emissions and therefore reduce the carbon footprint of a commercial enterprise.

LED lighting solutions are exceptional for your employees, profit column and the planet.

If you’re concerned about the installation costs of energy efficient LED lighting and how to offset the expenditure, please be reassured that there are government schemes in operation which make the process of switching a practical pleasure.

LED lighting specialists are familiar with the products and schemes requirements and can design LED lighting systems accordingly.

With Enhanced Capital Allowance businesses can set 100% of the assets against the taxable profits in the first tax year.  The lighting products installed must be full fitting and on the Energy Technology List (ETL) to be eligible.

ESOS, the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, is an Environment Agency managed initiative.

Carbon Trust accredited products are available through energy efficient LED lighting specialists who meet the trust’s strict criteria.


Examples of energy efficient LED lighting solutions

2D fitting LED lights:

  • Designed for clients who require a surface mounted product.
  • IP54, suitable for use indoors, outside and in wet rooms.
  • 12W, 18W or 25W options.
  • ECA eligible product.
  • 63% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • Ergonomic, slim unit.
  • Integrated microwave-sensor for savings enhancement.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Daylight, natural and warm colour options.
  • Zero UV emissions.
  • No mercury/harmful gasses.
  • Emergency integrated emergency ION- lithium battery.

Luminous high bay:

  • Available in 80W 2ft, 120W 3ft, 150W 4ft and 200W 5ft units.
  • ECA eligible.
  • Carbon Trust accredited.
  • Daylight, warm and neutral colours.
  • Save £3214.08.
  • 67% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • All weather lighting: -40oc to +50oc operating temperatures.
  • 5 Year guarantee.
  • 50000 hours life expectancy.
  • 40000 hours additional life expectancy.
  • 120 degrees beam angle.
  • Instant on.
  • Zero UV emissions.
  • No mercury and no harmful gasses.

LED by Vision’s Stratus street and car park lighting uses cutting edge technology to deliver optimum lighting, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Available in 35W, 65W, 100W, 135W, 165W, 200W and 230W.
  • Full fitting street light heads.
  • Save £3525.12.
  • Save 95% on maintenance.
  • 50000 hours lifespan.
  • Natural, daylight and warm colour options.
  • Instant on.
  • ECA qualifying.
  • Carbon Trust accredited.
  • Install heights from 3m to 20m+.
  • Equipped with Philips (Lumileds) chips – Delivers close to 120 lumens/W.
  • Optional photocell/ability to work with solar PV, Photo Voltaic, technology.
  • Meanwell power supplies.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Flicker free.
  • Zero UV emissions.

Re-evaluating your lighting arrangements has a hugely positive impact so please contact a LED lighting solutions provider today.


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